Business Essentials Program Starter Pack

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14. India---Word-of-Mouth.png

Business Essentials Program Starter Pack


Everything you need to equip and empower with Business!

Start implementing your business training right away with our Program Starter Kit that includes your curriculum license, downloadable pdfs of all curriculum and handbooks in your primary language and your business training supply box.

You’ll find everything you need to ensure your training is as informative, fun, interactive, and impactful as possible. Your Business Training Supply Box Includes:

  • 11x17 full-color, laminated visuals,

  • All skit and game props,

  • A classroom bell,

  • Instructor supplies (Dry erase markers, scissors, permanent marker, tape, etc),

  • Trainee supplies for 25 students,

  • 25 graduation certificates with embossed gold foil seals, and

  • Instructional packet of forms to print or copy.

*Please allow 45 days for delivery of training supplies.

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Alternativ Global Entrepreneurs is proud to work with organizations of all sizes. If your organization requires financial assistance or has an annual operating budget of less than $500,000, please submit a scholarship application here for a discount.


1. What kind of license do I need?

Alternativ Global Entrepreneurs licenses curriculum based on….

2. What if I’m training more than 25 students?

You go, Glen Coco! If you plan to train more than 25 students during the same class, you will want to add on additional supplies to your kit. These are available in packs of 25 (See “Trainee Supplies” )

3. Why are there only 3 languages offered here?

AGE primarily works with western based NGO’s and ministries. Our program was developed using common terms within the official UN languages and is best leveraged when the original intent of the training can be maintained across additional languages.

3. How do I order multiple languages?

First you will want to add a primary language to your cart, then you may select up to 3 additional languages that you need by adding them to your cart individually. AGE’s library of translated content is always growing. We have additional languages available if needed. Please inquire at