The Alternativ Impact

According to the World Bank, 10.7% of the world's population is living on less than $2 USD a day. It is instinctual for us to want to give, but in reality, giving aid only serves as a temporary fix, and in the long-term, can cause more harm than good.

Instead of giving charity, Alternativ provides tools, education, and support to those impacted by poverty. Our curriculum aims to inspire emerging entrepreneurs around the world, while simultaneously offering practical business skills to enable them to take charge of their financial futures.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Get to know the personal experiences of entrepreneurs—from Colorado to Uganda, Nicaragua, Thailand and more!—that have participated in Alternativ's Business Essentials Program and the impact the education has made on their lives. 

Meet Joseph. 

Meet Christine.

Meet Asnake. 

Impact Reports


“I have learned budgets! I had never heard of them. I learned the importance of saving and customer service. Learning to dream big gave me confidence…”